Jeffrey Bowles



Jeffrey Bowles is an accomplished Real Estate professional and registered Real Estate Broker and Real Estate Agency Manager. For more than 5 years, he worked under the REMAX banner and built an excellent reputation with his clients thanks to the quality of his service, his steady involvement, and his professional expertise. He then went on to found his own agency, NUVO IMMOBILIER, offering a unique concept to meet a popular demand in our province: a fixed and fair rate that does not compromise the quality of the service. NUVO IMMOBILIER quickly established itself on the market, much to the satisfaction of many clients.


Since it opened in 2014, NUVO IMMOBILIER has been counting on Jeffrey Bowles as its main Broker. In order to offer the best possible service to his clients, Jeffrey gets personally involved in every contract, listening to his clients and offering advice that benefits them, making sure it all ends in a successful deal within a reasonable time frame and at the best possible price. His professional ethics and values – such as a profound knowledge of the market, of the regulations, and of the particularities of every property – allow him to offer an excellent service.


In order to remain up-to-date with the latest trends and changes, Jeffrey Bowles is continuously improving himself through training programs on various aspects of the real estate market. This guarantees NUVO IMMOBILIER clients benefit from an outstanding service, as well as the expertise of a real estate professional who truly understands them.


Market value estimation

Complete verification of all legal documents

Professional photo shoot

Sign installed in front of the property

Listing on MLS, Centris, and others

Collaboration with any other broker

Overall, a high quality service at a fair price!

Appointments and reports management

Negotiation and legal documentation

Presence on site during inspection

Financing follow-up

Presence during meetings with notary, plus follow-up

Liability Insurance

Fees payable at the notary